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 Cardinal Guide

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PostSubject: Cardinal Guide   Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:27 pm

Do you ever see those mages that run around in Nera Harbor who use that big lightning spell and that DoT skill that does soo much dmg?
Were you like me and thought that was a GrandMaster?
Did you even think for a second that it could have been a Cardinal?
I know I sure didn't!

Before I give this guide out (EDIT**[because I didn't see it in here o.o] I did not look around very well at first. I found Mheena's Cardinal Guide, but I didn't like that she used Celestia Luna Screen Shots to show her Cardinal. There are many differences between the two servers, and the number of Pukes, Wizard Document things, Athena Hammers/Power of the Lotus and other things like that are examples. It aggravated me >.>), I have to give props to my old friend, Alice, the leader of the wiped guild Aegis, who played CelestiaLuna.
Even though you don't play any Luna anymore, Thanks Alice!!

Also before I give this guide out, I tried this build out, but I failed it at Lv80 because I was just starting out. What I did then is practiced with a bunch of different mage types. No, none of them reached lv105.
What I tried was :
Mage --> Wizard --> Sorcerer --> Warlock
Mage --> Wizard --> Priest --> Bishop
Mage --> Wizard --> Monk --> Bishop

I will not dis on any of them and I will not compliment, as none of those are the build I took. You may try them for yourself and see if you like them any better, or could use them for practice like I did (the first one is probably the most common type of mage).

Alright, Starting Now!!!

To Begin with, the build you might be following:
Mage --> Wizard --> Priest --> Inquirer --> Cardinal
Mage --> Wizard --> Sorcerer --> Inquirer --> Cardinal

The path was changed because the Vocational Skills were better with Sorcerer. Either way, you still have to be a Human.

You might be asking, why Priest instead of Monk? Wouldn't that save you a skill reset?
Well, kind of yeah, but even Lv1 Shrewd Spell is pretty good. That's why I chose Priest over Monk.
This build is probably pretty common, so if somebody else thinks "Hey, you stole that build from me blah blah blah" please don't reply saying something like that. I thought I would just mention that... It's kinda annoying.

I'm not deleting the Priest stuff, because I'm not going to recreate my Cardinal just for the job change. It wouldn't be worth it to me, as he's 120+. Sorcerer is a better job to choose though, and I advise changing to it. If you would like to go Priest, be my guest.

With Priest,

With Sorcerer,

What I did for my stats was Pure INT from Lv1-104 and then at 105 go Pure VIT.
(I kinda screwed up. gHoly, at 106-108 I accidentally added to INT because I forgot, but I'll try it out, and if I don't like it, I'll buy another Stat Reset, and if I do like it, I'll tell you)

Now, for the skill build!!

Mage (Lv1-20) 38/64 SP
Holy Strike - Lv5 - 15 SP
Fireball - Lv5 - 15 SP
Spell Barrier - Lv5 - 5 SP
Intelligence - Lv1 - 3 SP
Note: Short and Boring. Lolz

Wizard (Lv20-40) 113/229 SP
Fireball - Lv10 - 40 SP
Spell Barrier - Lv10 - 5 SP
Intelligence - Lv2 - 6 SP
Wizardry - Lv2 - 9 SP
Spell Craft - Lv5 - 15 SP
Note: Very boring, but very fast. If you can't go through Lv1-60 in maybe a day (not very many hours, maybe like 2), I think you might train slow. Slow training doesn't work in Nera Harbor, if you haven't already figured that out. Needa break that habit Razz

Priest (Lv40-75) 370/758 SP
Holy Strike - Lv10 - 40 SP
Divine Sword - Lv15 - 65 SP
Shield - Lv3 - 18 SP
Bless Wind - Lv2 - 9 SP
Shrewd Spell - Lv1 - 5 SP
Fast Heal - Lv15 - 114 SP
Beholder - Lv3 - 6 SP (Optional)
Note: Bare with me. This is long and boring, I know. It's hard to train as a Priest, I know. Beholder is there at Lv3 because just in-case you do any duels and some kid stealths you can just use it and see him.

Sorcerer (Lv40-75) 475/758
Lightning Stun - Lv15 - 120 SP
Fire Ball - Lv15 - 65 SP
Fire Blast - Lv10 - 55 SP
Blizzard - Lv10 - 55 SP
Intelligence - Lv4 - 21 SP
Wizardry - Lv4 - 21 SP
Spell Craft - Lv10 - 40 SP
Note : This might not take you as long as Priest will. I'll post Vocational Passive Differences at the top of the page later.

Inquirer (Lv75) 758/758 SP (Skill Reset)
Holy Swing - Lv16 - 128 SP
Holy Spike - Lv16 - 128 SP
Holy Uppercut - Lv15 - 113 SP
Intelligence - Lv5 - 45 SP
Shield - Lv3 - 18 SP
Fortunate Magic - Lv3 - 30 SP
Shrewd Spell - Lv1 - 5 SP
Bless Wind - Lv2 - 9 SP
Bless Vital - Lv6 - 63 SP
Light Armor Expertise - Lv1 - 1 SP
Spell Barrier - Lv10 - 10 SP
Wizardry - Lv4 - 30 SP
Spell Craft - Lv10 - 55 SP
Twinkle Magic - Lv5 - 54 SP
Armor Link - Lv6 - 63 SP
Beholder - Lv3 - 6 SP (Optional)
Note: Be prepared for a different kind of training if you're used to the AoE Training. DDing becomes a bit harder, but still doable. I'll tell you where I recommend you train at later. Also, Light Armor Expertise will be maxed out, so dont' worry. Again with beholder, helps you find those stealthers. I really did find it useful.

Inquirer (Lv75-105) 1402/1456 SP
Holy Swing - Lv20 - 72 SP
Holy Spike - Lv20 - 72 SP
Holy Uppercut - Lv20 - 87 SP
Light Armor Expertise - Lv15 - 119 SP
Enhanced HP - Lv20 - 140 SP
Witch Craft - Lv3 - 40 SP
Fast Heal - Lv15 - 114 SP
Note: I almsot got up to 10k HP without being Pure VIT. I got to like 9.4k or something. I'll tell you what items I used later as well.

Cardinal (Lv105) 1447/1456 SP (Skill Reset)
Turn Undead - Lv10 - 242 SP
Shield of Justice - Lv10 - 110 SP
Holy Taker - Lv10 - 46 SP
Cripple - Lv5 - 18 SP
Intelligence - Lv5 - 45 SP
Orpheus's Poem - Lv4 - 50 SP
Shield - Lv8 - 108 SP
Fortunate Magic - Lv3 - 30 SP
Shrewd Spell - Lv5 - 95 SP
Bless Wind - Lv7 - 84 SP
Bless Vital - Lv6 - 63 SP
Light Armor Expertise - Lv15 - 120 SP
Spell Barrier - Lv15 - 20 SP
Enhanced HP - Lv20 - 140 SP
Wizardry - Lv4 - 30 SP
Spell Craft - Lv10 - 55 SP
Witchcraft - Lv3 - 40 SP
Concentration - Lv2 - 20 SP
Twinkle Magic - Lv5 - 54 SP
Armor Link - Lv6 - 63 SP
Beholder - Lv3 - 6 SP (Optional)
Sacrifice - Lv1- 5 SP (Optional)
Note: Woot! Finally!! Back to AoE Training, and you can do it well! Remember to also use your Stat Reset and become Pure VIT. I was so siked when I became Cardinal as fast as I did. Once more, Beholder is optional as you can see Stealthed Opponents. I added to it because I hate people who use stealth against me. Sacrifice is on there because I liked the sound of it according to the Skill Calc, and I use it. I have 14k HP, so the HP I lose doesn't really matter Razz

Now I will list places to train at. You do not have to follow this, but may if you would like to.
Lvls : Places
1-6 : Alker Gate
7-20 : Zakandia Outpost
21-30 : Tarintus
31-36 : Moon Blind Forest
37-40 : Moon Blind Swamp
41-51 : The Way to the Howling Ravine
52-56 : Mont Blanc Port, Howling Ravine, DD
57-64 : Dryed Gazel Fall
65-73 : Howling Cave 1st Floor
74-80 : Howling Cave 2nd Floor
81-89 : The Valley of Fairy
90-98 : Ghost Tree Swamp, DD
99-105: Great Garden, DD

I stop at 105 because that's usually where I stop playing all my characters if it's not 96-99.
Lv1-40, Do I really have to explain what monsters to kill? (If so, PM me on here or Online... That's kinda embarrassing.)
The Way to the Howling Ravine, train on Baskilisks at first, then move on to Giants.
The Lv50 is hard to me. Thats the lvl I quit at on gPotato (It was more like 54, but yeah)
Dryed Gazel Fall, kill Blue Chest Mimics at first, then Red Chest Mimics until 64. You'll find Wizardly Wands (which is what I'm using as my weapon right now... T.T)
Howling Cave 1st Floor, Kill Ogre Warriors until 73, then move to the 2nd floor and kill Ogre Guards.
The Valley of Fairy, I usually find the Lv80s hard, but because we can take down Treents, I was perfectly fine! Train on them Smile
Ghost Tree Swamp, because you cannot AoE, train on the Red Skeletons and Dark Ghouls. They're pretty nice going 1 by 1
Great Garden. Oh Yes. My Favorite part was I was training when the item rate was increased, so I got so many G. Armors and not as many G. Boots, but yeah. I was stocked and I'll sell them later. Train on the Hornets/Lady Bugs/Dryads until Lv103/104. Then Move on to Mantis. Purchase a 100% Scroll from anywhere and Train. You'll be 105 before you know it. Oh and, stock up on GT HP Potions. I'd say about 1400 of them? I dunno, when I was halfway to 105 at 104, I ran out and bought 800 and ended up with 300 some left. But now I barely even touch my HP Pots :DD

Now, the equipment I suggest.
At lv1-74, you'll be using robes. I suggest finding a certain set. It's called like The One who's mastered Abstinence. You get it from Abandoned Giants, Dark Zombies, and then Magical Powered Zombies I think? Anyway, Enchant it and Reinforce the Boots and Armor with VIT, and the gloves with VIT. Then the Philo is up to you. I suggest INT or VIT
Get rings from the Dark Zombie Boss at Mont Blanc Port that gives 8 INT and Philo them with INT and Reinforce MP. And enchant. You'll want as much M.def as you can get, as you don't get much until Cardinal.
Either get Flicks, or just buy Lv75 Earrings and Philo them with INT. You need all the INT you can get, trust me. You lose it at Cardinal
Get a Lv75 Necklace. If you're lucky, like I was, you can buy a LB at a cheap price and then philo it with INT, or just buy an INT Philoed LB. I was like, yay INT and VIT!!
Lv75, Continue to use the robe until 80, and then make a Lv80 Leather Set with VIT Craft on each. I couldn't get more than 14-16 VIT on each, so at least aim for that. Do the same reinforcement as the Lv54 robe you got.
Make a new Leather Set at Lv95 and get it VIT Crafted. I got 20, 20, 23 for the VIT on my armor, so maybe you'll get lucky like I did. Or you have a friend that will lend you a set. Make sure it's reinforced with the same as the other two.
For a helm, I used something that I picked up from one of the Horse creatures at the Ghost Tree Swamp. It had 15 INT on it, so I reinforced it with INT and Philoed it with INT (It's only 74, so it can't have much INT on it) So the stats on mine are 15+24+5=44 INT. Not to shabby.

Lv105 Equips :
You a Money Moolah :
Accessories : LB INT Philo, 2 Flicks INT Philo OR Castors and Gemini INT or VIT Philo, 2 Hathors INT or VIT or Both Philo
Armor : Gardener's Leather Armor VIT Reinforce, VIT or INT Philo
Gloves : Gardener's Leather Gloves VIT Craft, INT Reinforce, INT Philo
Boots : Gardener's Leather Boots VIT Reinforce, INT & VIT Philo
Helm : Kynee INT Reinforce, INT Philo

You New and Has No Monies for Rares :
Accessories : Lv75 Neck INT Philo, 2 Lv75 Earrings INT Philo, 2 Dark Messenger's Rings INT Philo
Armor : Lv95 Armor VIT Craft, VIT Reinforce, VIT Philo
Gloves : Lv95 Gloves VIT Craft, INT Reinforce, INT Philo
Boots : Lv95 Boots VIT Craft, VIT Reinforce, VIT or INT or Both Philo
Helm : 15 INT Helm from GTS INT Reinforce, INT Philo OR Yoma's Helm INT Reinforce, INT Philo

Your a dirty OPer who I hate :
Accessories : Farouk's Crystal Ball INT Philo, Lv100 Earrings INT Philo, 2 Heart Stone of Evil INT Philo
Armor : Gardener's Leather Armor VIT Reinforce, INT Philo
Gloves : Gardener's Leather Gloves INT Reinforce, INT Philo
Boots : Gardener's Leather Boots VIT Reinforce, INT Philo
Helm : Kynee INT Reinforce, VIT Philo

As Seiba said, at Lv80 you should go for the Depraved Monks set. I did not put it in earlier because I hadn't thought about it and I didn't get it Razz

Use the Forest Guard or Odins for your Costume. More M.Atk or more P.Def are your choices.

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Cardinal Guide
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